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Store all your passwords in a single file!

You can store all your passwords in a single file protected with one master password, the only one password that you will need to remember to have access to all your other passwords. PasswordsPro was designed with one goal in mind: Easy To Use. PasswordsPro is easy to use for anyone, regardless of their computer skills.

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Real Estate

Our real estate solution, based in open source software, is a property management for real estate agents, integrating all the latest technologies, as Google Maps, picture sliders and more to show efectively your properties on Internet.

We bring a complete service including hosting and administration making all you valuable time free to attend your business.

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Information Security Consulting

We specialize in web application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to check the integrity and security of your web applications.

We deliver a complete report showing all the detected vulnerabilities and the remediation plan to each one of them. Also we can follow all the life cycle of your apps to help make them more secure, including code revision and auditing.

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Different sites need different passwords

In our connected life we need to take care of the security of each one of our accounts. A good practice is use different passwords for each web site or service that we have. We shouldn't have the same password for the Twitter, Gmail and Facebook accounts.


Arduino Software

20 years serving our clients, hundreds of satisfied customers, operations in 15 countries

Consumer Products

Arduino Software is a software company dedicated to creating useful solutions for personal security, SEO tools, web automation and for vertical markets such as real estate.

Arduino Software products range from PasswordsPro, an easy to use password manager through SEO tools such as Promoter , to state-of-the-art real estate solutions.

Information Security Services

The company also focuses on information security, mainly in the areas of Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing and Secure Software Development. Arduino Software offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their information and improve the security aspects of their development processes.

Germán Arduino speaking about Information Security in Clix TV Show by CNN en Español:

Custom Development

In the last years, Arduino Software is focusing its efforts in develop software with real object technology, which main advantages are short time to market and long life of the applications, not being affected by the continuous technological changes or, at least, not so affected. To achieve this goals Arduino Software make full use of several flavors of Smalltalk (Pharo, Squeak, Dolphin Smalltalk, Smalltalk/X and VisualWorks) and also Java technologies.

Hosting and Administration

The system administration services free your time and mind of all these specific tasks to permit you focus on your own business. Make grow your business, we will make work the infrastructure behind your applications!